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Access Integration specializes in the design and installation of commercial security and low-voltage systems when there is a large emphasis on system integration.

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Unlike other integrators, we consider our installation staff to be more engineers than technicians. And we do not believe in a “one-size fits all” solution to customer’s challenges. With our 360-degree understanding of the products and technology we sell, we are able to anticipate possible barriers, deploy compatible solutions, and provide an overall functional and efficient solution for years of reliable service.


No matter a retrofit or new construction project, we take all variables into consideration before suggesting a specific system. We work with General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Owner’s Representatives, and end users directly to gather as much data as possible to be sure our first foot forward is always our best foot forward.


We believe in relationships, not “smash-and-grabs”. If we conduct honest business with you, we know we stand the best chance at creating a long-lasting partnership as your preferred security partner. Not to mention that honesty is the right thing to do. Our prices are not always the lowest, but we do everything to ensure they are fair. And if we happen to make a mistake, we will always make things whole.


We install systems that secure buildings and because of that we cannot delay when something goes wrong. if we are notified that a customer is left exposed we will respond that day to ensure the security of their people and property are restored as soon as possible. We offer service contracts that guarantee response times in hours and minutes, not days or weeks.


We work well with other trades, contractors, IT departments, and security personnel to gain a full understanding of exactly what is needed with our solutions. We ask the important questions upfront so we can preconfigure and prebuild components in-house for a consistent and accurate system deployment. And all the information we gather, we document for future system expansions and onsite support.


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