Why choose Access Integration?


Smart. Unlike other integrators, we consider our installation staff are more engineers than installers. They play a key role in the design of our solutions, ensuring all technical aspects, any unforeseen challenges, and any design errors are identified prior to install.


Patient. We do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach to security. During a site survey or consultation we try to gain a complete understanding of your needs for a system before we ever discuss specific products. By addressing the needs, we ensure you receive the best solution for your situation. 


Honest. We do not price gouge. It is true that commercial security systems can be expensive, but we never add unnecessary costs, inflated margins, or hidden fees to anything we do or sell. Our goal is customer retention, not "smash-and-grab"


Prompt. We install systems that secure and protect the businesses of our neighbors, friends, and fellow "Idahoans". If your system (either installed by us or someone else) fails to secure your business, we offer same day service. We will dispatch a technician that same day, every time you call. 


Organized. We work well with other construction trades, coordinating our installation hand-in-hand with other contractors, eliminating the headaches that plague general contractors, superintendents, architects, and end-users.

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