It seems every time we turn on the news, we see horrific stories of violent crimes being committed in places once deemed off-limits, even by criminal standards. From places of worship to places of learning, violent crimes know no boundaries. Video surveillance systems play an important role in the effectiveness of law enforcement, administration staff, business owners and security personnel in combating threats on all levels. In fact, video surveillance systems are finding their way into our homes and personal lives to continue their duties beyond the workplace. With decreasing costs and increasing technology, video surveillance systems, like fire alarm systems, are becoming a mandatory necessity in new construction projects across the country. Like our other security solutions, our video surveillance products, software, concepts, and designs fully integrate into our full offering of systems. With analytical software, AI, and behavioral detection add-on options, our video products can autonomously monitor patterns, suspicious articles, increases and decreases in vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and alert key personnel proactively before an incident occurs. 

We welcome an opportunity to visit with you to discuss your concerns and needs. With literally thousands of camera models available and dozens of software solutions, we can design a collection of proven products specific to your needs. 

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