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With COVID-19, we are facing a "new normal" in our day-to-day lives. Global awareness of exposure risk will most certainly have a substantial impact on businesses, personal lives, and how we interact with each other. In the security industry, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in products and solutions to help with this impact and we at Access Integration want to be "ahead of the curve" so our businesses can reopen and we all can get back to work. 

Some of the more advanced products we carry and install to help mitigate against infectious transmission are "body temperature" and "face mask" detection imaging devices. These "cameras" actively monitor personnel as they enter a facility or area and alert staff when a high body temperature is detected and/or a face mask is not being worn. 

There are two types of these thermal imaging devices: Those approved by the FDA as a "medical device" and those that are not FDA approved. While each device does accurately detect temperatures within a small margin of error, only the FDA approved device can be considered a single-source solution for body temperature detection. The non-FDA approved device can still alert staff, but a follow-up temperature measurement using an approved FDA thermometer would be strongly recommended for any action taken. 

Call us to see how we can help protect your business from transmittable, infectious disease. 

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