Our audio / visual solutions go beyond the "audio" and "visual". When it comes to audio, of course we offer whole complex music and paging systems, but we go way beyond that. In addition to traditional audio systems, we offer sound-masking systems, emergency and mass notification systems, Dolby Atmos™  and 7.2/5.1 surround theatrical systems, and many more. 

With our visual solutions, the idea is no different. Our visual solutions include single flat screen displays ranging from 19" to 88" in resolutions up to 8K and projection video solutions from small home theater applications to large convention hall systems. And like all our solutions, we integrate. With our mass notification integration, we can turn any simple "classroom" television into a critical information tool during a lock down situation. Pared with pre-recorded audio notification, we use every approach available to get information to those who need it most. 

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